Aluminum Floor Mats Create A Glow For Tuners
Aluminum Floor Mats Create A Glow For Tuners

Aluminum Floor Mats Create A Glow For Tuners

Diamond plate floor mats are becoming the new hot item for tuner cars. Added with some interior accent lighting, these aluminum floor mats can create a really remarkable finish for your interior. You can purchase a precut set for your vehicle, or you can create a completely custom look. There are both aluminum floors and aluminum floor mats, and if you choose to create and customize them yourself, here are the guidelines to follow when taking on your newest project! Waterhog Masterpiece mats

These instructions can be used to create a complete aluminum floor or aluminum floor mats.

1) If you don’t have a template to use, such as an existing floor mat, you can remove the existing carpet. Removing the seats will make this task much easier, if you can remove them. If you do this, try to keep the carpet in as close to one piece as possible, since it will be reinstalled.

2) Lay out a sheet of diamond plate material. The diamond plate should be the polished and soft slate kind. Lay it out on the floor, with the polished side up.

3) Lay your carpet or floor mats on top of it, good side up, and begin marking it for your cuts. If you are aiming for just the floor mats, mark the outline for those. If you want to go all out and do the full flooring in diamond plate, trace out the whole carpet piece. Take note of the slots where the seat bolts will penetrate the diamond plate floors, and drill the appropriate size holes. It may be wise to drill them larger than the bolts to allow a little play for proper positioning in the vehicle. Also give yourself a little extra material on the edges and trim to perfection once in the vehicle. Otherwise you may end up with an unwanted gap. Replacing the whole carpet will be a little more difficult, but follow these steps, and you should end up with a great looking interior.

4) Cut the diamond plate using a saber saw, or a good jig saw with a metal bit. Trim any needed areas for the perfect fit, and sand the edges down smooth, being careful not to sand or scratch the polished surface.

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